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About Us

The Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture in Southern Africa (KHSA) is part of the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa (KCOA), a collaborative country-led partnership funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and non-governmental organisations across Africa.

The KCOA aims to scale up adoption of organic farming practices through five knowledge hubs in Africa. The other hubs are implemented by GIZ with in-country partners in North, West, East and Central Africa.

The South African-based Sustainability Institute supports project implementation in southern Africa. Activities are focused in Zambia, led by Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Zambia and the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre; in Namibia led by the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) in collaboration with the Namibian Organic Association (NOA); and in South Africa led by the South African Organic Sector Organisation (SAOSO) and Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) South Africa; and in Malawi by Kusamala and Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (SFHC).

Meet The Team



Zambia Pelum team members Muketoi Wamunyima KHSA

Project Manager

Muketoi Wamunyima

Zambia Pelum team members Rhodwell Monze KHSA

Finance & admin officer

Rhodwell Monze

Zambia Pelum team members Kenneth Zulu KHSA

KME Officer

Kenneth Zulu

Zambia Pelum team members Rabecca Mwila KHSA

Comms Officer

Rabecca Mwila

Zambia Pelum team members Wilfred Miga KHSA

Training Coordinator

Wilfred Miga

Kasisi agricultural training centre

Zambia KATC Team Members Father Claus Recktenwald KHSA

Project manager

Claus Recktenwald

Zambia KATC Team Members Daniel Kalala KHSA

Project Coordinator

Daniel Kalala

Zambia KATC Team Members Niven Mulungushi KHSA

Finance Officer

Niven Mulungushi

Zambia KATC Team Members Emmanual Mulenga KHSA

Project Assistant

Emmanual Mulenga

Namibia Team Members Mareike Voigts KHSA

project manager

Mareike Voigts

Namibia Team Members Disney Andreas KHSA

comms officer

Disney Andreas

Namibia Team Members Vera Corry KHSA

management support

Vera Corry

KME Officer

Carol Murphy

Namibia Team Members Christa Katjiruru KHSA

Finance Officer

Christa Katjiruru

Namibia Team Members Rakel N Johannes KHSA

project intern

Rakel N Johannes

SAOSO Team Members Colleen Anderson KHSA

Project manager

Colleen Anderson

SAOSO Team Members Alan Rosenberg KHSA

ecological organic advisor

Alan Rosenberg

SAOSO Team Members Daniel Moody KHSA

kme officer

Daniel Moody

SAOSO Team Members Mathew Purkis KHSA

pgs coordinator

Matthew Purkis

SAOSO Team Members Sasha Mentz KHSA

PGS Expert & Coordinator

Sasha Mentz

SAOSO Team Members Charmaine Koppehel KHSA

comms officer

Charmaine Koppehel



Project Manager

Rose Bell

Project Coordinater

Dorothy Limbanga

Finance & admin Officer

Young James Chigumula

Namibia Team Members Tiwonge Nkosi KHSA

communications Officer

Tiwonge Nkosi


project manager

Esther Lupafya

Project Coordinator

Kondwani Khonje

SHFC Team Members Lizzie Shumba KHSA

Training Development Expert

Lizzie Shumba

SHFC Team Members Laifalo Dakishoni KHSA

finance officer

Laifalo Dakishoni

SHFC Team Members Rachel Bezner_Kerr KHSA

Knowledge support officer

Rachel Bezner Kerr

sustainability institute
SI Team Members Angela Coetzee KHSA

Project Director

Angela Coetzee

SI Team Members Candice Goldsmith KHSA

Project Manager

Candice Goldsmith

SI Team Members Louise Vaughan KHSA

KME Manager

Louise Vaughan

SI Team Members Stefanie Swanepoel KHSA

comms manager

Stefanie Swanepoel

SI Team Members Frances Davies KHSA

regional strategy advisor

Frances Davies

Finance Officer

Gihan Brandt

SI Team Members Robyn Bowden KHSA

KME Officer

Robyn Bowden

KME Officer

Tebogo Ngoma

SI Team Members Scott Drimie KHSA


Scott Drimie

Project Administrator

Isadora Bishop

SI Team Members Hannah Hopper KHSA

Comms Assistant

Hannah Hopper

SI Team Members Fortunate Nyakanda KHSA

isan chair

Fortunate Nyakanda

SI Team Members Odette Tinotenda KHSA

Isan Assistant

Odette Mavunga